An R&D Lab dedicated to the future, to design tomorrow's projects

    • Pertimm is constantly growing and breaking through the barriers of technology, gaining the confidence of large groups such as Leclerc, Décathlon and Vinci, to name but a few.
    • Nos experts réalisent les projects of tomorrow grâce à un éventail de solutions basées sur l’intelligence artificielle et du machine learning.
    • Pertimm is driven by its internal projects, its presence in competitive clusters (CapDigital...) and its partnerships with major French and European universities (CY Tech, Télécom Paris, Institut Les Mines, Polytechnique, the University of Louvain, etc).

Our approach

Notre ligne directrice est clairement définie : sélectionner les projets les plus en adéquations avec notre stratégie de développement ainsi que nos objectifs techniques et commerciaux.

Our ultimate aim is to enable them to contribute to the design and development of tomorrow's solutions, while enabling Pertimm to maintain its focus, ideas and innovative vision.

Innovation policy

    • An offer guided by the future needs of our customers and consumers, which pushes us to explore new horizons, and thus different markets.
    • Une dynamique innovante mettant la R&D au centre des différentes collaborations universitaires, symbole de la quête permanente de nouveaux défis chez Pertimm.
    • A strong involvement in numerous European research projects that have been the strength of Pertimm for the past 20 years.