Our intelligent search engine

Our development platform ensures the implementation of semantic search engines on all your structural and non-structural
données structurées ou non, issues de 20 years of R&D. This platform controls the relevance down to the last detail, thanks in
particular to a highly developed and intuitive back-office.

Search engine generator Intelligent E-commerce

- Semantic search engine with its own NLP brick.
- Integration of a proprietary speech to text for voice interaction.
- Dynamic induction : intelligent self-completion and dynamic.
- Strong spelling and semantic tolerance in order to favour the free expression of users.

Intuitive document navigation

- Single text fields for easy interaction.

- Dynamic facets including a possible upward movement of facets managed by Artificial Intelligence.

- Understanding of complex concepts.

Administration interface

- Simplified management of business semantics (can be managed without a line of code).

- Capacity for automatic enrichment according to usage thanks to usage reporting and automatic learning.

- Ability to customise concepts according to the type of user and the type of search.