About us

Founded more than 20 years ago by Patrick Constanta doctor in natural language processing, Pertimm embodies the French Tech ecosystem. and is specialising in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Pertimm has developed cutting-edge NLP technologies and provides semantic solutions implemented e-commerce search engines, and virtual agents (voicebots and chatbots). We also generate customised marketplaces (Klea Market) associated with the implementation of a local Click & Collect local service throughout France.

Pertimm's identity is the result of a fusion between accuracy and performance, principles that have been applied for 20 years in all our projects:
la pertinence immédiate.

We offer a fluid search experience to connect the user instantly to the services they are looking for.
Your company is unique, your objectives and your needs are precious, which is why we offer a "customised" and Made in France solution dedicated to your e-commerce issues.

Real legitimacy and plebiscite

Thanks to its technology and know-how, Pertimm has been invited to participate in several major events around the world: In 2017Pertimm won the SME Instrument Award of the Horizon 2020 program which brings together Europe's leading research and innovation programmes for the first time at a single Summit.

Pertimm est régulièrement convié à des Sommets nationaux et notamment des tables rondes à l’Assemblée Nationale. Entre autre, Pertimm était présent en 2017 à la 4ème édition du France Digitale Dayat the Pavillons de Bercy. This high-level international conference bringing together French and international startups, brought together influential personalities from the French Tech ecosystem..

During October 2017, Pertimm has been invited to several events to present its vision of artificial intelligence applied to language technologies and its implementations. On the occasion of the South Summit 2017 in Madrid, Pertimm participated in a speech at one of Europe's leading startup conferences highlighting breakthrough innovation, on the upcoming changes in the artificial intelligence.

During the International Meeting of French Tech (RIFT) organised by Business France, Pertimm presented the 2017 opportunities in the world of Tech. For the 1st edition of AI & Big Data Asia 2017Pertimm presented its vision of the influence of AI in the tourism industry and how AI helps the e-commerce sector to enrich and enhance the user experience.

The year 2017 closed with Pertimm's participation in the Lisbon Web Summit (a benchmark event for the digital world) where Pertimm presented, via its Viky platform, the transformation of the user experience in e-commerce. Finally, our Viky platform won the Start-Up Challenge at the Digital Sisters of Spain.